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If you use Orkin, Terminix, Aptive, or Batzner - where is your money actually going?  The answer shouldn't surprise you...

The pest control industry is obviously dominated by multinational corporations, which has brought about advancements in technology and operational efficiency, but also raised concerns about their impact on consumer prices and environmental safety.

Some of the largest players in the industry include Orkin, owned by Rollins Inc.(The primary shareholders of Rollins Inc. include institutional investors such as BlackRock, Inc. and The Vanguard Group, Inc.), and Terminix, owned by ServiceMaster Global Holdings, which is in turn owned by Rentokil Initial, a global pest control company headquartered in the UK. Rentokil Initial is primarily owned by institutional investors such as BlackRock, Inc., The Vanguard Group, and State Street Corporation. 

ServiceMaster Global Holdings also owns Aptive Environmental, a newer player in the pest control industry that was founded in 2015. Aptive Environmental is backed by private equity firm Antares Capital, which manages over $28 billion in assets. As a subsidiary of Terminix, Aptive Environmental is ultimately owned by Rentokil Initial.

Rentokil Initial also owns Batzner Pest Control, a formerly family-owned business based in Wisconsin that has been serving the Midwest for over 70 years. As a global company, Rentokil Initial is able to leverage its size and market power to drive up prices, which can be disadvantageous for consumers and smaller businesses.

Another concern is that institutional investors or shareholders often prioritize cost-cutting measures over service, safety, and wages. This can lead to a reduction in the quality of service, as well as safety risks for both customers and employees. Furthermore, employees may be paid lower wages or not receive adequate benefits, which can lead to high turnover rates and a lack of experienced professionals in the industry.

While multinational corporations have brought about advancements in pest control technology and operational efficiency, their domination of the industry has led to concerns about the impact on consumers, small businesses, and the environment. It is important to consider the role of institutional investors and shareholders and their impact on the quality of service, safety, and wages in the industry.

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