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Nature's Prescription

Our naturally effective pest control maintenance programs are truly one of a kind and provide the safest, cleanest, and most effective prevention possible. Our treatments escalate from botanical to chemical as needed to maintain a pest free enviroment in a unique synthesis of nature and technology. We keep you safe, we keep you pest free - guaranteed.

PESTRX provides specialized, permanent, physical solutions to  certain rodent and insect problems. By addressing the underlying cause most problems can be remedied in a safer, more timely manner.

More Than Control


Systematic control of whatever is bugging you inside and out. Our methods are truly unique in that they consist of naturally escalating treatments. Our prevention methods remain botanically and environmentally based and escalate as necessary to maintain effective control. 


Whether it's the attic, the basement, or the foundation PESTRX is equipped to fortify your home against invaders. Utilizing various materials as appropriate with both effectiveness and aesthetics in mind - our specialized process will eliminate access to unwelcome visitors. 


We remove and replace both attic and basement insulation (and most infestations along with it). As rodent infestations progress over time your insulation will most likely be affected at some point. Rodent tunneling, nesting, and waste will slowly reduce the integrity and R-Value thereby driving up energy costs as well as harboring harmful viruses and bacteria. 

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